ACTIVE VISION OF TODAY is the project funded by Ministry of Youth and Sport. It is realized

in the Despotovac municipality with a goal to, with the help of trainings, educations and public events pointed towards the young, form youth leaders that will master the skills for starting youth initiatives. Young people will have a goal to create 3 youth actions on their own, and with that deed to motivate the participation of the total youth of Despotovac. This project is currently in progress. 

                        LIVING LIBRARY

LIVING LIBRARY is a project by Office of Council of Europe in Belgrade. Living Library functions like a real library, where readers come to borrow “books” which are actually people in the Living library. “Reading books” is in the Living library a conversation between a “book” and a “reader”. Books in the Living library are mostly people, members of the groups that are often the target of prejudices and social exclusion. Characterizing for this library is that book can not only talk, but can answer questions of readers, and can also ask questions and learn. Training for organizers of Living libraries in Serbia was held by the Youth Creative Center.


PROJECT “RECOGNIZE AND ACCEPT THE DIFFERENCE”, was funded by Ministry for Human and Minority Rights of Serbia. The Goal of this project is integration of young Roma into society. Two public events were held and a debate on the topic of discrimination, schooling and employing of the Roma in Central Serbia. 


 Within the project “Movie-educational collage of health” which was realized by “Youth Creative Center” from Jagodina and was supported by Ministry of Youth and Sport of Serbia, the round table was held on the thematic “Healthy lifestyles – my attitude is a healthy attitude” on which the young – representatives of youth organizations, student parliaments and non-formal groups spoke about the current problems that were directly related to the health of the youth. On this round table, other activities of the project were also presented. “Movie-educational collage of health” was one of them in which realization, the youth of Pomoravlje region joined. As a final product of the project, the movie “My story” was recorded and it tells about 5 different stories that intertwine. The story about 5 teenagers, that are in the different situations of risky behavior and they try, in a few ways, to show us the weight of their situations and their stories, where the problem is domestic violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, STDs etc.



                 DRAMA, ACTION, REACTION 

Project “Drama, Action, Reaction” by “Youth Creative Center” was supported by Ministry of Youth and Sport with the goal of raising awareness of primarily young people, and then all the other citizens, on the thematic of protection of reproductive health.

The main objective of realizing this project was solving the problem of lack of education for health of the young people, which was the consequence of many negative factors in the last two decades, as are: huge number of workers that stayed without work and that were left to fight for the means to feed their family and secure their children’s careless childhood.

As a final product of this project, the theater show named “Staircase” was made in October 2011 in the halls of Jagodina’s Gymnasium.

Premiere of the show was seen by about 300 young people, and also by the professors and associates of the organization. By the words of the public, the show “Staircase” carries a strong message and the dedication of the youth included in this project proves that young people have the strength to change things for the better, but they just need to be offered the right thing and to get enough space to show their creativity and to help each other to confront problems easier, and to react the right way. 




PROJECT “JAGODINA – HEALTHY CITY” – Regarding the “International youth day” NGO “Youth Creative Center” and “Dance4life” movement from Jagodina, organized a public performance within the project “Jagodina – Healthy City” which was financed by the city’s government of Jagodina. Young people did, through various activities promote skills, knowledge and readiness of Jagodina’s youth to actively help the society that they are living in.

                 PROJECT “SUPER CITIZEN”

This project was funded by USAID through the “Institute for sustainable societies”.

 Representatives of the center for new communications “Dokukino” and “Youth Creative Center” informed the citizens of Jagodina about the mutual campaign. The word is about an interactive online platform on which the citizens can report situations of violence that they know, by leaving a message, photo or a video.  Volunteers of Youth Creative Center and the students of high schools were giving away promotional leaflets and showing the citizens how to access the online platform and how to mark any form of violence on the map.

On the platform it is possible to report violence (domestic violence, violence over women, ethnically based violence, peer violence, violence towards LGBT population, violence on the job, violence over animals etc.) regardless of that if it is physical of psychological.

The goal of campaign is to raise awareness of importance to battle the violence, and also importance of participating so the young people get the message that it is not hard to join, and that it is important to fight against bad things.

This street action was a symbolic ending of local campaign against violence.  

             “Our vision of urban future”

 The project got the donation from the “ERSTE bank Ltd.” from Novi Sad in partnership with “Balkan funds for local initiatives” from Belgrade and everything is according to program “Centrifuga 11”. “Centrifuga 11” was supported by Ministry of Education and Culture of Serbia.

In total, 8 projects were picked and supported among which was “Eco-voice” in partnership with “Youth Creative Center” under the name “Our vision of urban future”.  

Project was imagined in a form of festival where young people would show their artistic potentials in 5 festival categories: Drawing graffiti, artistic photography, artistic drawing, singing, playing instruments and modern dance. This way, Youth Creative Center, calls all youth to apply to participate on the festival. Currently there is an application for the choice of song/hymn of the project, which will according to the project name promote our vision of the urban future. 



                  “Youth Work Means”

Within the call for application for financing the best youth volunteer actions, resource center CDER picked the organization “Youth Creative Center”. Through more different activities in which the youth was directly included, the goal was to raise awareness of citizens and local municipality about importance of youth work. With action “Youth Work Means” which lasted from 1st to 20th October, the goal was to encourage youth for further youth work and local communities for recognizing and valuing of youth work.

Youth Creative Center has, by the means of public information and public campaign, introduced general public and citizens with youth work and with the terms of youth working.  Through campaign all subjects of youth work were mentioned (sport activities, health, ecology, culture, educations relating to human rights, encouraging youth to activism, positive influence on the society…)

           “Resivoje” – Or to thrash can or to the shelf                                                 I can do that too!

Within the call for application “I can do that too 2009” on which 130 organizations from the whole Serbia applied, the idea of the Youth Creative Center as the project carrier and CDER as a partnership organization was the one of 13 projects that were supported by the European movement in Serbia, and Ministry of Youth and Sport. With this project – action “Or to thrash can or to shelf” we wanted to raise awareness of our citizens and local municipality regarding to ecology and recycling. Idea of the young people was to show citizens the problem of environment pollution and present them an artistic technique “assemblage” which includes using of the old things (paper, plastic, metal, glass…) and their combining to make a whole new artistic form. Youth from the high schools made pictures and decorative items from the things that were meant to be thrown away, and after that, on the city square, there was an art show that raised awareness of the general public about the subject of ecology. 

                    PROJECT “DANCE4LIFE”

PROJECT “DANCE4LIFE” was funded by Kingdom of Holland, Ministry of Youth and Sport of Serbia, UNFPA, UNICEF, DUREX, Buintanlanse Zaken, EU, SENSATION and YPEER. Project is grounded on the education of prevention of HIV/AIDS on the territory of Central Serbia region, where 2500 young people from 13-19 years were educated, and a few dozens public events and volunteer actions were held, all on purpose for strengthening the tolerance of young people.